NetPlay Home and NetPlay Pro Setup

Basic setup guides (START HERE)
These guides will help you quickly and easily setup NetPlay Home or NetPlay Pro systems

Advanced reference material
These instructions give more details on NetPlay system components.  Not required reading for most installations.

System troubleshooting, FAQ
Look here for help solving installation issues.

GUI mode setup (VRX20 only)
These instructions describe how to setup your preferred GUI mode on each VRX device.  All GUIs are optional services. 
The default mode is Digital Signage, which give you the ability to display slide shows and/or OSD when the device is not streaming video.
XBMC mode is a powerful media server and player which can be accessed when not streaming via Virtual Matrix.
Terminal Decoder mode is a standalone application for viewing network streams without using Virtual Matrix.

NetPlay Audio Setup (NetPlay Pro)

NetPlay Video provides full audio streaming services to every zone in your installation.  The instructions below describe how to setup and enable these optional services. 

Centralized (speakers driven from central rack) audio installations:

Distributed (speakers driven from VRX/NBX in each room) audio installations:

Hybrid (mix of both methods) installations:

NetPlay audio setup instructions


Control 4 driver setup:

NetPlay video uses a single Control4 driver for your entire system.  You can download this driver from the online database or below.

NetPlay Video Control4 setup instructions


Instructions for Sony Android TVs using NetPlay TV in C4:

Since the Netplay Control4 virtual matrix driver is modeled as a virtual HDMI matrix, the Sony Bravia is connected to the driver via HDMI. However, there is no physical HDMI connection so you need a workaround for this.

In brief, you need to add programming to either the room on event (if you aren't using the physical HDMI inputs of the TV), or the "input changes" event on the Sony TV if you are using the hdmi inputs. The programming needs to RESELECT the source. You can do this either by using the ROOM video select command OR the video select commands on the NetPlay driver.

The full details of why:

When C4 sends the command to select the HDMI input, it will hide the NetPlayTV app. C4 sends this command in only 2 cases. 1: When the TV powers on. 2: If you switched to a different HDMI input (like a connected bluray). Otherwise C4 assumes HDMI is already selected and will not resend the command.

Whenever you select a new NetPlay source, the NetPlayTV app will automatically take over the display (you don't need to do anything programming wise for this). So simply selecting a new NetPlay source after the HDMI select event will put NetPlayTV onscreen as desired.

Further info: You can manually select the NetPlayTV app using the device command -> Web run app -> NetPlayTV command on the Sony TV driver. You might do this if the user wants to use the in app GUI to visually select sources/PIP/Tiling/etc. Manual selection will map the C4 remote keys to the NetPlayTV gui control automatically.

RTI 4 driver setup:

NetPlay video uses a single RTI driver for your entire system.  You can download this driver from the online database or below.

NetPlay Video RTI setup instructions


Savant driver setup:

NetPlay video has a supported Savant driver below.