Miracast and Airplay screen mirroring:

VRX040 includes two different methods for direct Screen Mirroring from Mobile devices or PCs.

Miracast is a Wifi Direct streaming standard.  Miracast uses the Wifi adapters on your mobile device or PC to directly connect to the Wifi adapter on the VRX040.  Neither the VRX040 or the streaming source device needs to be connected to the local wifi network.  The device just need to be in close proximity to each other (< 20 ft).

Miracast is built into Windows 10, so all windows devices with a wifi adapter can use this to mirror their screen directly to the VRX040.  Miracast is also built into some Android devices (which have support for Miracast or WFD Wifi Direct).

Airplay is an Apple standard for music streaming and screen mirroring.  Airplay uses your local wired or wireless network for the streaming connection.  Your streaming device must be able to access the same network as the VRX040.

Airplay is built into all Apple devices (mobile devices and computers).  Apple devices can use Airplay to mirror their screen directly to the VRX040.

You can enable one or both of these technologies on your VRX040 NetPlay decoders. 

Miracast setup instructions

Airplay setup instructions