XBMC setup:

XBMC setup is straight forward. You simply go to the webpage with IP address of your VRX unit. Then click on General config. Go to the section for GUI mode and option 1 for XBMC. See illustration below.

Remember to always click Submit to save your settings and then go to Manual config and click on Firmware update

Notes:  For Blu-ray video, you must add this source as a NFS or SAMBA mount in XBMC.  Do not use a mapped /mnt/nfs drive because it will not be properly buffered.

Control4 Integration:

NetPlay Kodi is now fully compatible with Chowmains excellent Control4 driver!

Please see  http://www.chowmain.co.nz/kodi-xbmc-full-driver-for-control4 for full details and downloads.

You will use 1 instance of this driver for EACH VRX in your project. 

  1. Connect the HDMI output of this driver to the AUX inputs on the NetPlay Av-switch driver. 
  2. Set the room source visibility such that each room can only see its own driver
  3. Set the 'UI Selects Device' property to TRUE on each driver