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VRX040s: Netplay Video Media Player with Audio

VRX040s: Netplay Video Media Player with Audio

Video Storm NetPlay 4K video receiver and media player

Model VRX040s       

VRX040s is the Video Storm 4K NetPlay Pro decoder solution optimized for commercial environments.

NetPlay Pro allows you to distribute live protected HDMI content across your standard Ethernet network.  This next generation technology will completely replace HDMI matrix switching, delivering new features, flexibility, scalability, and an integrated user experience. FREE Control4, RTI, and Savant drivers.

Video Storm Netplay Video Pro is the ultimate solution for your commercial installations to include video wall, signage, and tiling.  Please see our NetPlay Pro Commercial page to quote your systems today!

VRX040s is the receiver units that mounts on the back of the TV.  One VRX040s is used for each TV in your system.

Thinking about installing a HDMI/HDBaseT matrix switch?  Click here to see why Netplay AV is better.

Netplay Pro features  
Live HDMI video streaming via any standard IP network.

  • Supports all video formats up to 4Kp60 with HDR
  • Live HDMI (HDCP) streaming over your local 100Mbps network
  • Unlimited scalability.  Build the exact solution you need and add sources or TVs at any time (up to 1000 sources & TVs)
    • One encoder per HDMI source  (VTX100 is our NetPlay Pro encoder solution)
    • One decoder per TV (VRX040s is our NetPlay decoder solution) 
    • IP cameras (h.264, h.265, or MJPEG) integrate directly without needed to buy VTX100 (up to 4K)
    • Support for inexpensive 3rd party sources such as HDHomeRun cable / terrestrial sources, and network video recorders
  • Supports all major audio formats (DTS, Dolby, AAC, PCM, etc)
  • Video automatically scaled and/or deinterlaced at each decoder independantly
    • TV never has to resync
    • Every TV always receives the highest resolution possible
  • Best audio stream automatically selected or downmixed at each decoder independantly
    • Simulataeous support for multichannel and stereo
  • Play up to 6 streams at once on your TV  (3x2 video grid and tiling feature)
  • Fully sychronized customizable video wall support (up to 36 displays). Not yet supported.
  • Stream live video directly to mobile devices
  • Play any media files stored in NAS libraries
  • Customizable Digital Signage including full HTML5 and WebGL support
  • CEC at each TV via VRX020 (IR can be added to VRX040s with IRUSB)
  • Advanced Bluray (h.264) and Ultra Bluray (h.265) codecs for the highest video quality

Demonstation videos  
Videos showing basic and advanced features of our NetPlay distribution system.

Home automation features  
Ethernet control features allow external control of NetPlay matrix, your TV, and VRX040s by supported control systems or mobile apps.

  • Full integration in Control4 and RTI. 
  • Ethernet to CEC:  Control your TV via Ethernet using CEC built into the HDMI connection
  • Ethernet to Local Apps:  Control local Android apps (such as Kodi) using IP   
  • Ethernet to IR:   Control any external IR device (such as TV, receivers, etc) from supported control systems (with optional IRUSB)
  • IR to Ethernet:  Send local IR commands back to supported control systems or forwarded directly to sources
  • Ethernet to GUI:  Send notifications and user messages to the local display from supported control systems

Commercial Android platform
VRX040s uses a stable custom Android platform to provide both easy installation, stablity, and unparalleled flexibility

  • Optimized for fast installation
    • Pre installed software:  NetPlay TV, IRUSB, and Kodi are pre installed
    • NetPlay software can be updated directly from NetPlay Manager.  No need to connect to Google Play!
    • Pre authorized connections:  No need to accept connections from NetPlay Manager using screen confirmations
    • Latest OS pre installed:  You won't have to wait for OS updates
    • Plug in, power up, and ID it with NetPlay Manager.  It is that simple!
  • Firmware updates only when you want them.  No need to update if you don't want new features
  • Screen sharing from your mobile devices direct to VRX040s
  • Install 3rd party apps from Google Play or other app sources
  • Local control using IR or wireless remotes
  • Centralized control using NetPlay Mobile or 3rd party control systems

USB expandability
VRX040s features a two USB host ports for expandability.  Supported modules include wireless remotes & keyboards, external storage, and IRUSB.

Optional accessories

  • IRUSB:  IR transmitter and receiver

Special NOTE:
We are continuously improving and adding capabilities to this product through new internal and 3rd party software.  All new features can be easily enabled by running our web updater and then selecting the desired features through the web config interface.  Some features on the website may be work in progress, and other new features may not be shown here.  Here is the latest NetPlay feature support matrix.

Unit includes:

  • VRX040s device
  • NetPlay TV license (unless excluded)
  • Power supply
  • HDMI and AV cables
  • IR remote control
  • 1 year warranty on device, 30 day warranty on cables, power supply


  • HDMI output
       Autoconfigable resolution from 480p up to 4Kp60
       High Dynamic Range supported (HDR)
       CEC bidirectional control
       Digital audio support, including multichannel audio formats
       Supports streaming AV from NetPlay AV encoders
       HDCP copy protection to enable support for DRM content
  • Network  
       RJ45 autosensing network jack, 10/100/1000 Mbps
       Integrated wifi adapter
       DHCP or static IP addressing (DHCP recommended)
  • USB
       2 x USB 2.0 host ports
       Built in support for most peripherals (keyboards, remotes, mouse, bluetooth, wifi, mics, hubs, etc)
  • Power
       12VDC power (8W max)
  • Infrared
       Infrared input via integrated receiver (IR remote included)
       Optional IR transreceiver IRUSB
  • Flexible, open platform
       Android based system with support for 3rd party apps & mobile screen sharing
  • Enclosure
        Black plastic enclosure
        Small enough to easily mount behind TV:  5" x 5" x 1"
  • Internal design
        High speed 8 core 64b processor and hardware accelerated AV datapath
        Android operating system with 8GB of internal flash storage (uSD card slot for additional memory)
        Fully digital datapath


Software license FAQs:
All VRX040s NetPlay licenses are tied to the NetPlay Manager (NVMM) hardware in your system. When you receive NetPlay Manager, please complete the software registration in order to bind your new NetPlay licenses to your NetPlay Manager.

NetPlay TV and NetPlay Mobile licenses are perpetual lifetime licenses.  New releases with new features may require additional payment to enable the new functionality.  However, there is no requirement to purchase these new features in order to continue using your software licenses (without the new features).

Licenses are not attached to individual Android streaming media boxes or TVs.  Your NetPlay Manager will verify if you have sufficient licenses for the number of sink devices you enable in the system.  This means you can easily swap Android streaming media boxes without changing your licenses.

Licenses may be transferred between NetPlay Manager hardwares.  In the case of hardware failure inside the warranty period, there is no charge for this service.  In other cases, there is a small charge for this service.  In all cases, the NetPlay Manager hardware you are transferring from must be surrendered to Video Storm LLC.

Licenses may be refunded within the return period for the NetPlay Manager or VRX020 hardware they are assigned to. If the NetPlay Manager or VRX020 is outside its return period, the NetPlay licenses are no longer refundable. The NetPlay Manager or VRX020 hardware must be returned to Video Storm LLC in order to refund the NetPlay TV and NetPlay Mobile licenses.


  • For each system, purchase a NetPlay Manager (NVMM). In conjunction, you need to purchase VRX040s corresponding to this device in the same online purchase order. A single order of NVMM and VRX040s cannot be split between multiple systems.
  • If you are just adding more VRX040s to an existing NetPlay video system, you can purchase the additional units for the same system in a single new order. Please make sure you already have the NetPlay Manager (NVMM) as you will need it to register the new VRX040s licenses.
  • This product with its license is compatible with NetPlay Manager or an existing VRX020 with a NetPlay Mobile license.

VRX040s is only available through authorized dealers

Setup instructions

Registration steps + License fetch

NetPlay Protocol manual (pdf document)

REPLACED BY >>> VRX042 <<<

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