To register your NetPlayManager device or VRX020 virtual matrix  (also to add NetPlayTV licenses to your NetPlay Manager)

  1. Select "Register" or "View Licenses" from the Virtual Matrix Config screen
  2. Click the REGISTRATION link here
  3. Your MAC address will be auto populated in the first field.  Do not change this value!
  4. Enter your contact information
  5. Click Register
  6. If you have purchased any NetPlayMobile or NetPayTV licenses, you will need to bind them to your Virtual Matrix Manager  (the device  you are now registering).
    1. Note that binding a license is FINAL.  Once bound to the VMM hardware MAC, it may not be changed without physically sending the VMM hardware back to Video Storm LLC.
    2. Binding works by attaching the ORDER ID for your licenses via this registration page.  This will bind all the NetPlayMobile and NetPlayTV licenses from that order to this VMM.  You may not split licenses from a single order between different VMMs.
    3. NetPlayManager hardware comes with a NetPlayMobile license.  It must also be bound by attaching the order number containing the NetPlayManager.
  7. To bind new licenses, enter the ORDER ID and AUTH Number from the order and click Add New.
  8. If correct, you will now see that order listed along with the number of licenses it contained.
  9. You may attach multiple orders to your VMM.
  10. Whenever you attach new licenses, Video Storm will regenerate the VMM license file and place it on our cloud server for download. 
    1. You will receive an email confirmation once the new license file is ready (this can take up to 1 business day)
    2. Return to the "Registration and license" screen from Step 1
    3. Select "Network license fetch"
    4. When the page returns, you will see your new license status below QCHECKLICENSE.  The new status should reflect the licenses bound to your VMM.
    5. Click the "Reboot" button to reboot the VMM and activate the new licenses