Firmware updates for TMX, CMX, & VMX product lines

NetPlay Audio and Video

These devices can load their firmware directly over the internet.  To update firmware, point your browser at the device IP address.  From the main page, select Manual RS232 link, then on the next page select "Upgrade" (leave text box blank for the latest code).

CMX, VMX, and TMX series

These products support firmware updates over RS-232. 

Please refer to the following instructions for how to use the HEX files on this page. 

Left click the links and select "save as".  The files may be saved as text.

CMX_A2 family  (CMX1608A2, CMX1616A2, CMX3838A2)

cmx3838a2_v2_3_7.hexVersion 2.3.7 of the release firmware.   Note that this REQUIRES the 2.28+ version of the FPGA code.

cmx_top BGA V3.31.binVersion 3.31 of the fpga code 

Compatibility cross reference:  The versions below are tested as compatible.  If you are using older code than this you must update to a compatible version.  We recommend using the latest versions available.

 The code below is for switches manufactured before 11/01/12.  If you have an early model switch do not use the code above.  You can determine this by entering the bootloader and pressing "H" for help.  If it does not give a version number, you have the older version.  Newer devices will report version 2.0 or later.

cmx3838a2_v1_4_9.hexVersion 1.4.9 of the release firmware. 

cmx_top V1.09.binVersion 1.9 of the fpga code 


CMX88 family  (CMX88, CMX1616V, CMX1616A)

cmx88_v2_8.hexVersion 2.8 of the release firmware.  This build adds the following new features.  Please refer to the online manuals, which have been updated, to reflect the new features for the full descriptions.

  1. Programmable power on default:  You can save the state of all outputs to flash memory.  This state will be restored on power up. (1.5)

  2. Basic mode for CMX1616V and CMX1616A:  You can now link all output type switching just like you can on CMX88. (1.5)

  3. Front panel / IR lockout mode when using RS-232 (1.5)

  4. Watchdog timer enabled for enhanced reliability (1.5)

  5. Audio gain now defaults to nominal in all modes (1.5)

  6. Audio input volume equalization (1.5)

  7. Quick select mode for sending all outputs to a given input using the front panel (1.7)

  8. Flash modes for saving up to 8 switch setups to flash for later instant recall (1.8)

  9. Audio balance control (1.9)

  10. LED extension modes (1.9)

  11. Audio gain disable (1.9)

  12. Added RS232 codes for level feedback (2.0)

  13. Added Mute command (2.0)

  14. Added RS232 internal FIFO to allow for zero wait time when sending commands (2.1)

  15. Added Zone exclusion capabilities (2.1)

  16. Improved IR reception performance (2.2)

  17. Added discrete single code volume ramp up/down, mute toggle, mute on/off IR codes (2.2)

  18. Improved debouncing of front panel buttons so they don't skip (2.3)

  19. Improved RS232 speed (2.4)

  20. Added Queued update mode for CMX1616V (2.5)

  21. Added zone number to audio gain feedback  OK:aaa:bb.    Also corrected Zerokey NEC overrides  (2.5.2)

  22. RS232 commands will automatically switch between basic/advanced mode (2.6)

  23. Added automatic volume ramping when changing output volume (2.7)

  24. Fixed bug in discrete IR volume codes (2.7.3)

  25. Doubled in internal rs232 fifo length (2.8)

cmx88_crmmode.hexThis code will allow the use of CRM88 rs-232 drivers.  The rs-232 interface will match the CRM88 protocol.  IR and front panel buttons will still function like a CMX device.  Note that you cannot operate the analog audio gain control over this rs-232 interface.  The analog gain will default to nominal, and can be adjusted with IR or front panel only.  This code will not allow configuration between 8x8 and 16x16 A or V modes.  When loaded on a CMX88, you get CRM88 8x8 mode.  CMX1616V gives CRM88 16x16 video mode.  CMX1616A gives CRM 16x16 AV mode.

cmx1648v_cvbs_v2_7.hexThis code will config a CMX1616V as a 16 by 48 CVBS (composite video) switch.


CMX84 family  (CMX44, CMX84, CMX86)

cmx84_v2_8.hexVersion 2.8 of the release firmware.  This is equivalent to CMX88 version 2.8.

cmx64_v2_8.hexVersion 2.8 of the release firmware.  This is equivalent to CMX88 version 2.8.   ** CMX64 must use this special firmware since it is a customized product


VMX99 family

vmx99_v2_6.hexVersion 2.4 of the release firmware.  This is equivalent to CMX88 version 2.6.

vmx119_v2_6.hexVersion 2.4 of the release firmware.  This is equivalent to CMX88 version 2.6.   ** VMX119 must use this special firmware since it is a customized product


TMX Series

TMX_MainV1.92 2011-09-21.hex:  Version 1.92 of the release firmware.

V5-018 2010-12-30.bin:  Version 5.018 of the release FPGA code.