How do I set up IRUSB? Where are the setup instructions? You need to follow the quick setup instructions on the IRUSB webpage
How does IRUSB control the FireTV or Shield. Is it IR? IRUSB provides full 2 way IP control of your Android device (FireTV or Shield). It will ALSO give you the ability to send and receive IR to control OTHER devices. It is single device which provides TWO functions independently.
No device ID. What do I do? For FireTV, you need OTG cable, and DISABLE ADB in the developer options. For Shield, DISABLE USB debugging in the developer options.
How do I verify the IRUSB device is working? You can use the "send IR" button in the irusb app to verify the IRUSB is working (one side of the device will flash the led when the button is pressed). If that is working, then the problem is a network connectivity issue between Control4/RTI and Amazon/nVidia device.
I installed the Control4 and/or RTI driver, it doesn't control IRUSB? You need to download and install the IRUSB app from Amazon/Google app store BEFORE installing the driver.
How do I get your free drivers for Control4 and RTI? All our free drivers are available for download here.
There is no multiple instance driver in RTI for IRUSB? You can use an instance of the driver for each IRUSB with the unique IP address from the Amazon/nVidia device they are attached to.