IrUSB TX/RX codes setup (Android):

IrUSB can be configured to store IR codes.

Note:  IrUSB can also send and receive pronto hex format IR codes without needing to configure any stored IR codes

On Android platforms, you can configure saved IR codes using the app gui interface.

Select "Configure Cloud" button in the app.

TX & RX codes setup:


The Configuration screen shows you:

Adding new codes:

  1. Select the Add New button
  2. Select the IR code name you wish to map to from the list
  3. Aim your IR remote at IrUSB (RX side) and then press the IR key for that function
  4. You will see the new saved code has been added to the list
  5. Repeat (from step 1) for all IR keys you need to map

Once complete, you can save this configuration to your cloud account for later retreival on other devices.