NetPlay Cloud setup:

Each NetPlay Cloud account can be used to control either:

You can create a NetPlay Cloud account from either your NetPlay virtual matrix manager (NetPlay Cloud setup link), IRUSB Linux, or IRUSB Android

NetPlay Cloud config on virtual matrix manager OR IRUSB linux (below)


NetPlay Cloud config on IRUSB android app


Alexa setup:

 The Alexa skill to enable is "NetPlay".  When you enable the skill, it will ask you to sign in using your Amazon account.  Your Amazon account MUST use the SAME email address as your NetPlay Cloud account.

After linking your Amazon account, say "Alexa, discovery devices" to find your NetPlay / IRUSB devices.  If no devices are found double check that your devices say they are connected to NetPlay Cloud using the same email address.

The NetPlay skill uses the Smart Home interface (version 3), so natural voice commands can be used.  The ENDPOINT names are either the SINK names configured on your virtual matrix or the DEVICE names for IRUSB.  These names can be anything, but try to keep them simple so Alexa can understand.

MACRO names are configured on your virtual matrix.  Again, these names can be anything.  The macros themselves are standard NetPlay macros (Macro setup link on virtual matrix config page).

SRCNAME names are the names of your source configured on your virtual matrix.

Important:  You can also use the Alexa app to pair your ENDPOINTs to specific Alexa devices in each room.  Once you do this, you don't need to say the ENDPOINT in any commands in that room!

Here are some example control phrases to use:

Power commands:
Alexa, turn on ENDPOINT
Alexa, turn off ENDPOINT

Source selection:    (to select NetPlay sources)
Alexa, set source to SRCNAME on ENDPOINT       (for full screen display)
Alexa, set PIP to SRCNAME on ENDPOINT       (for PIP display)
Alexa, set PIP to Off on ENDPOINT       (close PIP)

Volume commands:    (tv speaker control)
Alexa, volume up 20 on ENDPOINT
Alexa, volume down in ENDPOINT

Channel commands:   (for source channel control)
Alexa, change the channel to 520 on ENDPOINT
Alexa, channel down on ENDPOINT

Input selection:    (to send custom IR codes, for direct TV input selection)    INPUT 1-8 maps to NetPlay IR codes  CUSTOM1 - CUSTOM8
Alexa, select INPUT 2 on ENDPOINT

Alexa, turn on MACRO

Advanced Users

NetPlay Cloud uses Google Firebase authentication and real time database.  You can use any of the publically available Firebase integration libraries to connect to your NetPlay Account and control your devices.  Our NetPlay Cloud API document gives the details on how to connect.

We also provide examples using Python inside our Linux driver package for IRUSB.  These examples are also applicable to NetPlay Pro/Home.


Linux IRUSB driver package

Cloud IR functionality:  

IR transmit (Cloud to IR emit to device): 

Notes:  Alexa skill, NetPlay Mobile, and NetPlay TV gui use the saved TX codes (configuration needed if using these services).   Other drivers send hex codes and thus do not need saved TX code configuration.

IR receive (IR capture to cloud): 

Notes:  No services/drivers currently use saved RX codes.