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iVSXCtl:  iPhone/iPad control for Video Storm products
Product ID: iVSXCtl
iVSXCtl: iPhone/iPad control for Video Storm products

iVSXCtl:  Free iPhone/iPad control application l Video Storm switches.  It can run on any IOS platform, and can connect using many common options.

for Video Storm switches

Legacy product. No longer available for download in the App Store. Please backup your existing app to iTunes.

iVSXCtl is primarily targetted for commercial applications in order to provide an easy to use control solution as no additional cost. 

iVSXCtl can also be used as a debug tool during installation, a supplimental control method to an IR based system, or a primary residential control system in cost sensitive applications.

iVSXCtl 1.2 features

  • Up to 64 output zones and 16 input zones (using cascaded XP control ports) per device
  • Up to 8 different devices controllable
  • Basic mode operation (Video & audio outputs linked)
  • Seperate audio and video operation using CMX1616V and CMX1616A2
  • Volume, balance, and input gain control
  • Bass, treble, input delay, output delay (A2 switches only)
  • Full configurablity of input and output zone names
  • Full configurability of Flash mode slot names
  • Direct ethernet connection to NetPlay Video, CMXA2, VMX, and TMX switches
  • Full support for TCP ethernet to serial devices  (for CMX switches)
  • Automatic Bonjour detection of Video Storm Ethernet devices
  • 2 way communication for device status


Connect iVSXCtl to your Video Storm matrix using:

  • Direct ethernet connection (NetPlay Video, CMX-A2, VMX, TMX)
  • Cascaded RS232 connection  (from CMX-A2)
  • Ethernet control using standard ethernet=>RS232 adapter

iVSXCtl is FREE software.  If you would like to use ethernet control, please purchase the ethernet adapter option below.  You can download iVSXCtl from the AppStore (search for VSXCtl or Video Storm).

Configuration instructions:

VMX, CMX-A2, TMX, NetPlay Video:

  1. Select the UUID button
  2. Select the switch host name from the pop out menu (then use back button)
  3. Set the proper number of sources and zones
  4. Set the type (see below)

CMX using NTS100 ethernet to serial adapter:

  1. Connect NTS100 to the first CMX switch Control port using the USB->RS232 adapter and M-F rs232 cable
  2. Connect a digital audio cable from the Yellow RCA jack on NTS100 to one of the digital audio inputs on the first CMX switch
  3. Connect NTS100 ethernet to your network switch
  4. Power up NTS100 and CMX switches, wait 5 minutes
  5. In iVSXCtl app, select config VSXctl
  6. Select the UUID button
  7. Select the switch host name from the pop out menu (then use back button)
  8. Set the proper number of sources and zones
  9. Set the type (see below)

CMX using LS110 ethernet to serial adapter:

  1. Connect to the LS110 ethernet switch using the included female => female rs232 cable (and a USB=>rs232 adapter if needed)
  2. Switch the LS110 switch to "console"
  3. Using a serial terminal program such as hyperterminal, setup the desired static IP of the adapter (default login is user=root, password=root)
  4. All other default settings are ok, save and exit
  5. Connect the LS110 adapter serial port to the CMX Control female port using the female => male rs232 cable
  6. Switch the LS110 from "console" to "data"
  7. Set the ip address to the static IP of the adapter
  8. Set the port number to port number of the adapter (6001 is default)
  9. Set the proper number of sources and zones
  10. Set the type (see below)

Setting the "type"

  • NetPlay = NetPlay Video in any size
  • 16x16 Vid = one or more CMX1616V switches
  • 16x16 Aud&Vid = one or more sets of CMX1616A2 + CMX1616V.  Switches should be ordered A2 => V => A2 => V etc
  • 8x8 = one or more CMX88 switches
  • 8x4 or 4x4 = one or more CMX84, CMX64, or CMX44 switches

Video on config of the new 1.2 features

This iVSXCtl app is FREE in the Apple app store. The NTS100 iPad adapter (with serial cable) is necessary to use with this app. Select iPad adapter below to purchase.

List Price: $294.00
Price: $294.00
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