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DVB100: Digital video 6:1 switch add in board
Product ID: DVB100
DVB100: Digital video 6:1 switch add in board

Active digital video 6:1 switching add in card

Model DVB100       

The DVB100 is the digital video expansion board for the CRM series switches.  It is not a stand alone product, but must be installed in the CRM62 or CRM84.  Please select either factory installation or field installation when placing your order.  For factory installation, you will need to return your CRM switch to our factory.  The installation takes 2-4 business days plus shipping time.  For field installation, the board will be shipped to your address and you will be responsible for installation.  Please review the installation manual before selecting this option to make sure you feel confident installing this product yourself.  You can also check our dealers page to see if there is a dealer near you who can perform the installation.

Ideal for Playstation 3:  DVB100 is one of the only switches on the market which is compatible with ALL the features in HDMI 1.3.  Most 1.3 compliant switches support only the mandatory features.  DVB100 will pass ALL the features, including the Deep Color enhanced video delivered by Playstation 3!  Don't let your switch be the limiting factor in your home theater.

The DVB100 adds one of the following functions to the CRM switch

  • Switching 3 HDMI & 3 DVI inputs to 1 display/receiver/storage device
  • Switching 6 HDMI inputs to 1 display (with 3 HDMI/DVI cables)
  • Switching 6 DVI inputs to 1 display (with 3 DVI/HDMI cables)

At the heart of this product is a cutting edge active TMDS (transition minimized differential signaling) switch instead of the typical DVI or HDMI decoder & encoder.  This new technology enables our product to switch and amplify the signals only at the electrical level, while leaving the protocol and encryption levels completely unchanged!  The result is a lower cost product which is fully compatible with all current AND future forms of DVI & HDMI.  A further benefit is you never need to worry about future HDCP encryption problems or incompatibilities, our switch does not modify the source to display interaction in any way. 

The DVB100 will automatically be detected by the CRM control software after installation.  The new digital video control commands will be available via front panel, IR, or RS-232 control.  The control codes are listed in the CRM manual.

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Unit includes:

  • DVB100 digital video switching board as pictured
  • Installation manual
  • 3 year warranty


  • 6 Digital video inputs
       3 HDMI style connectors
       3 DVI style connectors
       All inputs compatible with both DVI or HDMI signals
       Tested to 1080p HDTV resolution
  • 1 Digital video outputs  
       HDMI style connector
       Compatible with both DVI or HDMI displays
       Selectable high frequency boost mode for driving long cables
  • Auto switching option for digital video switching
  • HDCP, CEC, and audio pass-through compatible
       TMDS only switching provides maximum compatibility
  • Internal design
        1.65 Gbps differential sampling amplifiers provide excellent signal switching and propagation
        High reliability capacitors and self resetting fuse protection for long life
        Designed and manufactured in the USA

Field installation manual (word document)



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