IrUSB HID setup:

IrUSB can be configured to act as a IR remote control receiver to directly control the to Android device it is plugged into.

In our setup, this is referred to as USB HID (human interface device) mode.

HID mode is configured by "capturing" the keys of your IR remote and "mapping" the keys to the function they perform (such as up, down, select, play, pause, etc)

If you have NetPlay Cloud enabled, you can use save and/or load your remote configurations to your cloud account, simplifiy the process for multiple devices.

Note:  You only have one HID configuration even if there are multiple IrUSB devices attached.  The HID config is valid for all attached IrUSB devices.

Start setup by checking the "Enable RX HID mode" box in the app and then clicking the "Configure HID Mode" button



The Configure HID screen shows all the current saved codes for this device.  A saved code is a captured IR remote key that is mapped to a HID function.

For example, in the above picture we are showing saved codes for the most commonly used HID functions (Up, Down, Select, Play, Pause, etc).

To configure your IR remote for HID mode, you will use the "Add New" button to capture each IR key needed.

On the Configure HID screen, you can perform the following actions

"Add New":  This is the control you use to setup HID mode the first time

  1. Select the Add New button
  2. Select the HID function you wish to map to from the list
  3. Aim your IR remote at IrUSB (RX side) and then press the IR key for that function
  4. You will see the new saved code has been added to the list
  5. Repeat (from step 1) for all IR keys you need to map

Once complete, you can save this configuration to your cloud account for later retreival on other devices.