Digital Signage Sources:

Netplay allows you directly select images, image directories, or image playlists as sources in virtual matrix.  Just like any virtual matrix source, these digital signage source can be displayed either full screen, as a tile, or as an overlay.  Overlay (video osd) allows for alpha transparency in the image.

To setup image sources please see VM_SOURCE_URL_TYPE

For image storage / URLs you have three choices:

  1. Samba (windows) network share
    1. This is most commonly a NAS drive on the local network.  URL is smb://nas_ip_addr/ShareName/path.  Shares should not be password protected.
    2. This can also be a USB stick connected to one or more of the VRX devices.  URL is smb://vrx_ip_addr/Media/.
  2. Cloud HTTP URL
    1. Used when you want to manage your content via files/directories/playlists hosted on an external web server.
  3. Local files
    1. Not commonly used.  You can upload files to each VRX using the digital signage web page on that VRX.  URL is ../data/filename.
    2. This is also used if you have a "mounted" network share (NFS or samba).  Mounted shares are used is you require password protection.  The URL would be /mnt/samba or /mnt/nfs/.

Content management:

End users can manage the content by directly modifying the image files which will be displayed.  Since these are usually located on a network share, simply copy the new files to update the content.

Playlist_paths types can be used for slideshows of all files in the given directory.

Playlist_files give more advanced control options.  See the file details section below.

Source selection:

When selecting image sources:

Playlist file details:

A playlist file is a standard text file and can be edited with notepad or a similar text editor.

Example files and graphics:

Download our ZIP FILE for digital signage examples.